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Here are our attempts at creating our own episodes of Hawaii Five-O. Let us know what you think!

Why write Five-O fiction?

Because 278 episodes just aren't enough....

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Suitable for Framing
McGarrett admitted to himself that he was more impressed than he'd expected. Still, he hated to trust this Williams kid with an investigation that could determine JuJu's future. "I dunno about this kid, Lloyd," he said skeptically. "He seems a little square."
Hada was thumbing through Williams' service record. "Can't be too square, Steve. The kid has a degree from Berkeley—majored in police science. He's got a good record. Looks like he's a comer."

McGarrett's Errand of Mercy
McGarrett smacked the file down on his desk. He felt a surge of fresh, punishing guilt. "Damn it, Danno! This is my fault! These files and this case were my responsibility!" He took a ragged breath.
Danno gave him a moment, then said quietly: "Suppose we're right, Steve, and someone did get rid of Deford's case notes and bury the file. The question is why--what was in the file that was so dangerous?"

V for Vashon: The Daughter
The woman paused briefly to gaze at each of the headstones. At the last one, she stopped and knelt down. It was the grave of a young man who had died at the age of twenty-one. The woman ran her fingers across the curious inscription: "Murdered ... But Avenged."
No one noticed the woman get up and walk away. No one heard as she whispered into the wind: "This time, it will be different."

The Spy
Damn these show trials! the man thought. Ordinarily he felt confident in his ability to get out of any jam, no matter how terrifying or hopeless it might be. Lately, these little meetings had begun to seem like the most dangerous part of his job. He couldn't shake the feeling that one day, he wouldn't walk away.

In the Day When Heaven was Falling
Doc had just about wrapped it up when Chin saw another black-and-white pull up and park behind the wagon. Duke Lukela climbed out. Cringing inwardly, Chin hurried down the steps and planted himself on the walkway.
"Don't go in there, Duke!" he said firmly.

"I have to, Chin!" Duke said.

The Lost Christmas Episode
Deford looked at Steve shrewdly. "What are your plans for Christmas?"
"I'll be here," McGarrett said immediately. "Don't worry, Lloyd, I don't plan to overlook a single detail."
Deford's face took on a wry look.
"Wrong answer."

One Tongue Sandwich
Duke jiggled with excitement as the crowded, clanging streetcar heaved down the waterfront. Another day of adventure in Honolulu! Already Duke had decided it was the most fun place he had ever been in his six years. Yesterday Papa had taken him to the zoo and let him ride the elephant. And tomorrow, they were going to Kuhio Beach to see the surfers!

E Pluribus Unum
"I intend to investigate every single suspect," Deford replied. "Anyone who had a reason to want Babe Kunsu dead."
The Governor looked startled for a minute, and Deford thought he knew why. Babe Kunsu had been one of the Governor’s harshest critics, and had made no secret of the fact that he intended to challenge him for the Democratic nomination in the next election. Even Paul Jameson couldn’t completely hide the fact that Kunsu’s death had eliminated any real chance that he would be unseated. It had to be something of a relief.
"I guess that includes me," Jameson said ruefully.

If Thou Shouldst Never See My Face Again
It was a sweet, sweet dream, and it carried him away, until he was awakened by the terrible screaming.
His chest pounding, he came shooting off his cot. Men’s voices outside, some shouting, some laughing, confused him. Still in his underwear, he charged outside. The shrill, piercing screams came from somewhere over his head.
"What the hell is going on out here?" Duke demanded.

Blue Heart
Kono didn’t bother going to bed. Instead, he just changed into an aloha shirt and hit Hotel Street with his sketch, working his street sources. It was closing time when he finally got a tip. Alice was a faded hooker with a blonde wig that didn’t go with her brown skin. In the four years Kono had known her, she had worked her way down from Waikiki luxury hotels to Chinatown’s alleyways. Heroin and whoring were unkind to a girl’s looks. Alice was walking home on her high heels alone.
"We’re looking for this ugly haole. You seen him around? Maybe go in for the rough stuff?" Kono asked her.

Thanks Again for the Honeymoon
"It's been a pretty upsetting day," Ben said softly. "Are you all right?"
"I'm fine," she said, and then laughed a little, knowing how ridiculous that sounded. "No. I'm a mess, as you can see."
Ben shook his head. Every girl should be such a mess as Margo Cooper. He sat down on the stool next to hers and said, "Anything you want to talk about?"

Sixteen Hours to Die
Danny got up and walked around the room, feeling like a caged animal. He saw several periodicals lying on the table and shuffled through them. A Hawaiian Airlines flight magazine, a two year-old National Geographic, and the latest issue of Readers’ Digest.
Danny laughed out loud. "Boy, they’re not making it easy on us! If the virus doesn’t get us, we’ll die of boredom."
Che smiled. "We might as well make the best of it, Danny. We might die a horrible death – but in the meantime, at least we can increase our word power."

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