Young Herman Wedemeyer

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Credits: Photo 1, Herman Wedemeyer as a baby, Sport Magazine, October 1946.  Photo 2, class picture from the 1940 St. Louis High Crusader (age 15). Photo 3, freshman football player, 1940 St. Louis High Crusader. Photo 4, class picture from the 1941 St. Louis High Crusader (age 16). Photos 5 and 6, Herman Wedemeyer at St. Louis High, Sport Magazine, October 1946. Photo 7, Herman Wedemeyer at St. Louis High, from St. Mary's vs. University of Hawaii program, 1947. Photo 8, Honolulu Stadium, by Arthur Suehiro. Photos-9-11, courtesy of Mike Hirano. Photo 9, "Weedey's" senior class picture at St. Louis High, 1943. Photo 10, as a member of the city champion team, 1942. Photo 11, member of the basketball squad, 1943 St. Louis High Crusader. Photos 12-15, 1942 St. Louis High Crusader.

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