Quotations from Sergeant Duke Lukela

Hey, Five-O fans, here's more of the fun stuff you've been asking for! Sound bites of some of the more memorable lines from Sergeant Duke Lukela of the HPD, later of Hawaii Five-O. If you have any favorites, let me know and I'll work on adding them to this page.

We can't hold it anymore! The whole place is about to go! (as the fire chief in Hawaii, The Movie, 1966)

To nail Manoa? My pleasure. (Death is a Company Policy)

I never told anyone. Steve, you know my folks -- missionary stock. If they found out it would shame them.
(Death is a Company Policy)

$80,000 -- where would I get money like that? (Death is a Company Policy)

What are you, his lawyer? They're personal questions! (The Friends of Joey Kalima)

Cops don't kill their snitches. (The Friends of Joey Kalima)

When I'm around, you stay on the other side of the street, bruddah! (A Short Walk on the Long Shore)

I want you to tell Duke, just like always. That's our deal. (A Short Walk on the Long Shore)

No. The most likely candidate is a homemade knife. Some folks call it an Arkansas toothpick. (Horoscope for Murder)


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