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Photo credits: Photos 1-5 from the collection of Carroll Canfield. Number 6 is a cartoon, St. Mary's vs. Stockton ArmyAirfield, 1945. Photo 7, St. Mary's vs. University of Hawaii program, 1947. Photo 8, LA Dons program, 1948. Photo 9, St. Mary's vs. USC, 1945. Photos 10-15, College Archives Collection of Saint Mary's College of California.

More quotes about Herman Wedemeyer from football programs:

(September 30, 1945) It's new! It's different! It's atom-age football played by an amazing team of alert youngsters, the "Up and Atom Boys," Bill Leiser of The Chronicle calls the Gaels. Coach "Gentleman Jim" Phelan has taken a group of teen-ages, only three of whom have played previous college football, and has molded them into a sharp, devastating gridiron aggregation, featuring a graceful and magnificent athlete, "Herman the Great" Wedemeyer, the sophomore Hawaiian Hurricane at left-half, truly an All-American player. Paired with the smooth Wedemeyer is a freshman buddy from the Islands, little Charles "Spike" Cordeiro, the Flying Hawaiian, a high-stepping mighty mite, a triple-threater. These two modest, unassuming boys from ol' Hawaii can do anything with a football...and usually do! Simply, Wedemeyer and Cordeiro are great athletes.

(December 1, 1946) Reference must also be made to the sterling role played in the Gael story by the great All-American left halfback of the Moraga Marauders, Herman Wedemeyer, the Waikiki Wonder, who today completes his third year as a Galloping Gael. Truly his is the All-American record of a great All-American!

(October 4, 1947) One of the truly great backs in the history of football. For the past three years that has been the label attached to Herman Wedemeyer, the Gaels' All-American half-back from Hawaii. Now in his senior year, Wedey figures to do all the things he's done in the past--only better.

(January 1, 1948) One of the most widely-publicized players on the Pacific Coast, "Squirmin' Herman" Wedemeyer is a Honolulu boy with magic in his passing arm and plenty of power in his fleet running style. In the 1944 East-West game Wedemeyer threw two sensational passes that kept the East from getting better than a 13-13 tie... He has been named on many all-star teams.

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